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Do not rent from this guy !WE moved in, his son on 3rd floor spliced into our cable and internet.

Complained to the father/landlord, he did nothing about it. Had me do a lot of work and told me it was for a free month rent. But then 2 weeks later demands the rent and claims the work was for interest fees for being late on the rent. His boiler breaks down and his people will not come to repair their work.

We went 24 days without heat and no hot water and this *** landlord says it was our responsibility to fix the boiler, told us we deliberately broke his boiler and that we now have to pay him for the repairs.

He ran wires under the ground to another house, the wires are tapped into the other house's cable and the people living there are unaware.

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um if any of this was true you would have contacted like the attorney general or something to report him as a slumlord. while the work can't be verified the 24 days without heat & hot water = slum lord if it was due to the faulty boiler and not for service termination. complaining on here will unfortunately get you nowhere.

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Actually, we did file suit.Ruled in our favor and said he owed us % off for each day without heat and hot water.

Also ruled he illegally had me do work as no workers comp, etc, was available. Also court looked into it and found that installer of boiler was not insured and that the boiler itself serial number came as stolen. Also the court accepted pics of wires tapped in and ordered that he pay us for the 5 yrs the son took cable from us and also ordered a police investigation and that cable provider may additionally bring charges. Court also found out that guy had no building permits or permissions when he renovated all the apts, also the zoning inspector is to be notified.

I came here hoping anyone sees the original post will stay away from Oliveira.I already knew this site is more or less for venting and will not generally get resolution to complaints.

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